Pawsome Box

We were very excited to have been given August’s Pawsome Box to review from the lovely people at Animalbox. I’m sure most of you have heard of Pawsome Box before and are familiar with the idea of monthly boxes to treat our furry friends. But to give you a bit of background, Animalbox is a team of passionate pet lovers that launched their monthly subscription boxes for pets (they also have cat boxes as well as dogs!) back in 2012, and are now the largest provider of subscription boxes in Europe. As well as this, they also provide subscribers and followers with a blog full of advice, stories, and facts.

Our August Box
From the moment we received our Pawsome box, I think Fudge knew it was for her as I left it on the table for a few days until I was ready to open it, and she kept sniffing the table and trying to get to the box, so Fudge was definitely eager to see inside!


Each month the box contains 5-6 different products, ranging from toys, to treats, accessories, and animal care products. You also get a little ‘Paw Notes’ leaflet inside, which has features of couple of the products in this month’s box, as well as tips, facts, and other features. In our box this month we received a variety of 6 great items.
We got 2 Camon dog toys; one is a little rubber/fluffy toy from their ‘Super Plush’ range, and the other is a really cute squeaky dinosaur. I’m not sure how long they will last as Fudge tends to need extra strong toys to stop her from chewing them to pieces, so they will be definitely be supervised, but she certainly loves them at the moment, and they’re both very cute toys!


We also got some cleansing wipes, which are brilliant for Fudge because she has a great habit of having a shake on a mad walk and getting slobber everywhere! They are featured in this months ‘Paw notes’, and smell lovely too!

There were also 3 different types of treats included. Rosewood Leaps & Bounds ‘Chicken Snack Sticks’, which have no added flavourings and colourants. The Natural Pork Shop ‘Oven Roasted Stuffed Pork Rolls which are 100% natural, and must smell amazing as Fudge would not leave them along when I opened the box! And finally, Moments by Bocados which are little fruit bites, and are featured in the ‘Paw Notes’ this month.

Value for Money
As I’m sure you know, there are lots of different subscription boxes out there, so you’re probably wondering where Pawsome box comes in this. The boxes are very reasonably priced; at from £14.50 per box, it makes it an affordable and convenient way to get new treats, toys, and other essentials, each month without breaking the bank. They are also free of shipping costs too!
You can choose from 1 month as an occasional treat, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year subscription .
I also need to add that for every 2 boxes they deliver, they donate £1 to animal protection charities, which is really great.

I really would recommend these boxes, there was a great variety of products, and healthy treats, which is very important. I also really liked the little Paw Notes leaflet that came with it, it was a great read for me whilst Fudge was enjoying the toys.

To get £5 off your first box, use code ukbf0seb when you check out! And I’d love to see photos of your fur-babies with their boxes too!

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