Painswick Rococo Garden

Last weekend we went to the Cotswolds as James was taking part is the Cotswold Classic Triathlon (1.2mile swim, 56mile bike, 13.1mile run). The race was on the Sunday, so we travelled up on Saturday and made a long weekend of it. On the Monday, before heading back home, we went and visited Painswick Rococo Garden which I really wanted to see.

Painswick Rococo Garden is the only surviving garden of the rococo period which is open to the public. Rococo describes a period of art fashionable in Europe in the 1700s. Benjamin Hyett designed the unusual garden at Painswick House to entertain his guests.

When we arrived at opening time it had just stopped raining, and much to our relief, the weather had decided to brighten up! We went into the little cafe/shop, then started our walk. As we walked around the orangery and saw the gorgeous view over the gardens, I could see straight away how gorgeous these gardens were.


We started out by walking towards the bluebell woods (obviously without bluebells at this time of year), Fudge loves any kind of wood so she was happy to be wandering around under the trees. From within the woods there was a brilliant view over the maze, which from above shows 250, celebrating the 250th anniversary of Thomas Robins’ painting of the garden. We did go into the maze and thought we’d let Fudge choose the way, turns out she just goes to the dead ends and thinks that it must mean that the next option is through the hedge (don’t worry, she didn’t actually go through!).


The buildings were truly wonderful, all so different and yet equally all beautiful. I love how you don’t know what you’re going to come across around the corner! The gardens were lovely as well, they had so many varied sections, and just when you think that you’ve come to end, around the corner is another surprise and another winding pathway. I love that there were different parts to the garden, almost like they were completely different gardens.

The Kitchen Garden is so pretty. It’s so well laid out, with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and yet it still looks like such a lovely garden. It’s so well maintained, the gardeners do such a wonderful job of the entire gardens. You can buy produce from the garden at the shop, where there is a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. We also stopped in the cafe to have a hot drink and cake; which was delicious! James had coffee cake, and I had orange and almond cake, although I could have tried them all!


My favourite part however, was above the kitchen garden, where there was a lovely pond and very creative and eye-catching Exedra. It stood out so much, and yet was still so in keeping with the garden.



We all really loved our visit to Painswick Rococo Gardens, and would definitely recommend visiting if you’re nearby, such a beautiful place with so many places to explore.

Elly & Fudge

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