We do like to be beside the seaside

I grew up in a seaside town, and I love that that we’re still close enough that we can go as often we want, which is usually once a week at this time of year. James sea swims every week from around May until October, and it means that Fudge and I get to go on nice walks at the coast.

We went exploring this weekend as we had a free day and it was sunny, so we thought we would take Fudge to some places that we hadn’t been to with her before. We didn’t plan for it to be quite so windy, but it’s the seaside so you’ve got to expect it! It also had the effect of our very own wind machine..

Unfortunately at this time of year, most beaches are off limits to dogs. However one of our favourite places to go, has a dog friendly beach, and as long as I can keep Fudge away from the seaweed, it makes for a great walk, and Fudge loves it.

We’re so lucky that we live so close to the beautiful Jurassic Coast, where there are so many interesting places to visit, that it never gets boring. We also came across some new places that we hadn’t found before, so we will be exploring them soon.


I have to stress that although the seaside is beautiful and looks like a calm and safe place, it can be very dangerous. Please always pay attention to any signs or restrictions on the beach or at the seaside. Beware of cliffs as there are often falling rocks, and be careful if swimming in the sea because of the tide and any underlying currents.

Until next time, I urge you all to explore around your local area and find the beautiful places that you may not have noticed before.


4 thoughts on “We do like to be beside the seaside

  1. Great post with lovely pictures. We have been really frustrated by the number of our favourite beaches that are not dog friendly during the summer. Always looking for recommendations.

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    1. It’s frustrating that they seem to be restricting it more and extending the length of the ban. But we find that most seaside towns in Dorset have a dog friendly section of the beach. Hopefully you find somewhere to have a beach day at ♡


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