Racing, Marshalling, & Spaniel-ing

As some of you may know, James is a triathlete, and to support him (and the local events company), I marshal at some events. Marshals, after all, are key to making these kinds of events possible. One event that James does every year is the Immortal Half Triathlon in Wiltshire. It is set in the beautiful National Trust site of Stourhead House & Gardens, which makes this such a picturesque location for the triathlon.


For the past couple of years I have helped marshal whilst James has been racing. Fudge comes along as well, sometimes for the whole day, or sometimes with my parents when they come to support. However this year, as we now have the van which we are in the process of converting, we decided that all 3 of us would stay at Stourhead the night before, along with some of the other event crew.

I think it’s safe to say that Fudge had the best night’s sleep! We didn’t realise how noisy rain would be inside a van until it rained all night, and although me and James kept waking up, the only movement from Fudge was when she kept kicking us for more space at the bottom of the air bed!

Photo Credit to the very brilliant Curious by George

The day and event went smoothly, with no sign of rain whilst James was racing, however afterwards it did pour down! James did very well; he did brilliantly on the swim and bike, and looked very happy. However he struggled on the run due to nutrition, but even with that happening, he still finished with a PB time of 5:07hrs, and in the top 20. I am so proud of him for all his achievements, he works so hard for it.


Fudge was good as gold! She has marshalled at a few events now, but as you would expect from a Spaniel, she gets rather bored. However this weekend she was so well behaved; she stood there quietly whilst people were rushing about around her, was really well behaved in the van, and loved that she got fussed over. She didn’t even mind her little high vis coat that I thought was super cute!

I was planning on walking around the beautiful gardens after James finished to explore and take some photos of Fudge, but due to the awful weather, we decided to head home and chill out before our trip to the Cotswolds. This does mean that we’ll be going back to Stourhead soon though, so keep an eye out for that.

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